The Panacea Program

The Panacea…

The Universe brings to me the students I am able to help so if you have been guided to this website you will be aware around about now that your soul has suddenly acquired…

  • A state-of-the-art public address system
  • A cricket bat
  • An attention-grabbing dayglow magic marker
  • Some disco lights

…and it’s using them all simultaneously to get your attention.

You’re bewildered and exhausted

Bewildered –

Because you intuitively know what’s going on – You don’t know how you know, you just know

Exhausted –

Trying to fight it – it’s futile, give it up, your job is to do my job and teach of love your suffering and experiences are not an accident, a coincidence or a cosmic cock-up, they happened so that you can empower those souls who share your experiences, because what you have to teach them can’t be learned from a text book.

…and my students are always aged thirty-three or above.

The number thirty-three – is widely regarded to be a ‘magic number’ since time immemorial it’s been associated with mysticism, wisdom and everything that exists beyond our five senses, it’s the ‘sixth-sense’ number, and so it’s not a coincidence that it’s when we reach this age that we begin to ask questions, ponder the deeper meaning of life, wonder if there’s more out there for us than that which we are taught we are limited to.

This beginning …

This beginning, these questions and ponderings is simply your soul’s wisdom trying to awaken you from the lulling, energy- less slumber of resigned acceptance, follow-the-heard-to-fit-in mentality and false inevitability you have been forced to adopt to remain emotionally safe and retain your sense of much-needed belonging.


Soul Is Emotionally Intelligent …

it’s simply the storage space for your own wisdom and it’s aware that there is no such thing as an emotion which needs to be feared.

  • Feared
  • Avoided
  • Healed
  • Denied
  • Disguised
  • Distorted


It knows it’s perfectly safe to;

  • Be authentically and unapologetically you
  • Express yourself freely
  • Embrace your ‘first-best’ version for your dream life instead of struggling your ass off to achieve second-best
  • Trust yourself
  • Change

An Awareness

Cultivating an awareness of and a relationship with soul, or the core, essence of you is not a complex or lengthy affair – indeed, it’s not even a painful one!

…but often the self-help industry (the clue’s there it’s an ‘industry’ -designed to make money) keeps us coming back while simultaneously we are subjected to information overload by having the world wide web at our fingertips, then we have more subtle, subliminal messages about emotional and soulful growth; Buddha’s forty years sat under a  tree, Brad Pitt’s seven years in Tibet and tales of women tripping round the world for a year to ‘find themselves’.


My Mantra

My mantra is one of simplicity, because there’s nothing complicated going on here, there never was.

The Panacea Program borrows rather clever, but easy to grasp concepts from Transactional Analysis and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and combines them with emotional literacy and my almost disturbing obsession with simplicity to teach you that you have not got mountains of unsurmountable issues that must be ‘processed’ one at a time, you only have one issue – that of fear.

Your suffering has its roots in what your primary caregivers were unable to teach you – the proof of this can be found within the endless comparisons we make between ourselves and our life and other people and their life…

The inner dialogue goes something like this…

“Why do some people have it all, but more interestingly (and infuriatingly!) why do they always have it all so effortlessly; the loving relationship, unbelievably good friends, the success, the money?”

The answer is simple; in childhood they were taught what I am going to teach you on The Panacea Program!

The Panacea Program consists of six modules studied over ten weeks!

Because modules 4 and 6 contain an extra two sub-modules and is available in two formats; self-study with unlimited email support or face to face via Skype from anywhere in the world.

  • Enable you to understand the root cause of suffering – because when we understand how simple it all is, we then understand how equally simple it is to deal with it, this removes the fear of the changes we both long for and fear in equal measure
  • Open you up to the challenge of new concepts and a fresh perspective which will further your understanding of The Human Condition and the generational cycle of emotional illiteracy – enabling you to experience instantaneous ah ha moments and shifts in consciousness which lead to permeant and lasting relief from depression, worthlessness, lack of self-belief and financial struggle
  • Imbue you with a sense of grace, dignity, emotional maturity and discernment so you can view the world through the eyes of a capable, fearless, powerful adult, instead of the frightened eyes of a wounded child

Earthy Approach

My approach is professional yet earthy, often irreverent but always compassionate, caring and empathetic, my belief in the power of humour to return you to what I term ‘your factory settings’ comes into play as we laugh, cry and face-palm our journey back to that place of unconditional love and the here and now, before you learned of fear, guilt, blame, shame and isms.


Week by week the person you were taught you should be will be replaced with one who will;

  • Resolutely refuse to adjust any aspect of yourself to make others feel comfortable
  • Understand that you are not responsible for the happiness of others
  • Begin to love challenges, risks and easily adapt to changes
  • Love yourself fully with all your flaws, frailties and kooky ways
  • Understand that often what we (wrongly) perceive as the hardships we experience in life, is soul giving you exactly what you asked for
  • Begin to create your ideal life based on your own values, wants and needs.

What’s Included In The Panacea Program?

The Panacea Program is fundamentally different from anything you may have tried to date because it borrows intelligent concepts from the fields of Transactional Analysis and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and combines them with the topics of emotional literacy and the true meaning of spirituality to create a  resource for life, it doesn’t just focus on what is going on for you right now which might be creating obstacles to Self-Love, Peace, Contentment and Inner Guidance, instead it equips you with all the knowledge you need to ensure that you new life is easily sustainable going forward, it’s not possible to un-learn what you have been taught, even if for some bizarre reason you may try to do so.

The outcome of the course is experienced while you are on the course; life-changing ‘ah ha’ moments and shifts in consciousness are evident from the first module culminating in your absolute refusal to live any other way, regardless of what might happen in your life when you begin to change, morph effortlessly and magically into the kind of person you have always dreamt of becoming and any challenges that arise from your decision to embrace your life will be met with courage, grace, humour and dignity.


The 6 Modules Of The Panacea Program


Module 1 – Conditions of Worth

‘Conditions of Worth’ simply mean ‘I will love you if…’ we are all raised with these conditions but our parents don’t impose them to be cruel, it’s not really possible for them to do that because they are not aware they are doing it to begin with, Conditions of Worth are un-conscious, the outcome of the cycle of emotional illiteracy which often runs from one generation to the next.

Examples of Conditions of Worth are, I will love you if…

  • You are polite, don’t make a fuss, or answer me back
  • (for females) You are ladylike, remain small/fragile and in a state of attenuation.
  • (for males) You are macho, don’t cry or ‘be soft’.
  • You are good at sports
  • You are studious
  • You observe your religion obligations

The issues within these conditions arises when the love and acceptance we receive from our parents conflicts hugely with our true nature, our spontaneous emotional responses and our need to be authentic, something children need as much as they need air to breathe.

In childhood we quickly learn how to contort ourselves out of shape in order to remain emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually safe.

…but in doing so we lose all sense of who we are and begin to equate feelings of shame and inadequacy with uniqueness and individuality, the outcome is one of ‘I must be like everybody else and do, say, think, believe what makes other people happy’.

When we begin to explore the conditions of worth we are raised with and understand the impact they have on our lives today; how we are still living within their parameters and how we, ourselves, are now unconsciously imposing those conditions onto others we let go of them without pain or resistance, simply because being aware of them is enough to enable us to do this.

When they are discarded permanently you will experience love, in the true spiritual sense of the word, you will no longer be willing to be inauthentic in exchange for love nor will you place conditions on the love you give to others.

Module 2 – Introjected Values

Introjected Values are the values that don’t belong to us, but we adopt as our own to fit in, maintain the status quo and ensure the continuation of our sense of belonging.

Together we will unearth your long-forgotten values and the outcome will both shock and delight you as you discover you have talents, skills and abilities you want to further and/or even turn into a way to make an enjoyable living, while simultaneously we will dissolve the ones you were forced to adopt, from this point in the program you will discover the meaning of freedom, it’s at this stage that you will begin to embrace what you are learning and won’t want to resist or discard it even if your brand new self is a challenge for the people you are closest to.

Module 3 – The External Locus of Evaluation

The External Locus of Evaluation simply means that unconsciously we are dependent on the opinions of others for validation.

Their opinion matters before we will…

  • Wear that outfit
  • Feel that emotion
  • Express our true opinions
  • Speak up for ourselves

The Conditions of Worth and the Introjected Values we are raised with culminates in our need for permission to express both our true nature and honest emotions.

We need to feel valid as human beings, as individuals on our own right but when we feel invalid, we feel insignificant, stupid, unworthy and we don’t trust ourselves to do the right thing – all of this ultimately results in powerlessness, hence the reliance we have begun to form on external influences and ‘experts’ for all the answers and solutions to our emotional pain and soulful disconnect.

At the end of this module the personal power you were born with will emerge in all it’s magnificence as you discover you can trust your inherent wisdom and innate intuition and you did have all the answers and solutions all along!

Module 4 – Emotional Literacy

We will explore the fascinating topic of emotional intelligence and how our lack of it keeps us locked inside a prison of dependence, infantilisation and victimhood.

When the sum of what we are taught about uncomfortable emotions in childhood amounts to little more than ‘fear and avoid the bad ones’ the outcome is that we remain emotionally stunted at a young age, consequently we look to people and things to make us happy and get our needs met – but this often involves us looking in all the wrong places for love because we don’t know what our needs are.

Within this module we will study the difference between want and need until you have reached a point where you are able to confidently differentiate between the two – when we learn how to do this, we…

  • Remove all the complexity out of life – what once required endless thinking, plotting, planning a scheming to get what you want is replaced with an afternoon nap – because that’s what you need
  • Stand in our own power, nothing is as empowering as no longer needing a something or a somebody to meet our needs and instead meeting our own.
  • Drop the victim narrative – we no longer apportion blame, we no longer manipulate others or attempt to make them feel guilty for our unhappiness – instead we take responsibility for our own peace, joy and success.

The outcome of this module is that you will begin to view the world from a new pair of lenses, it will suddenly become a place of limitless and exciting possibilities as dignity, grace and discernment replace fear, self-doubt and uncertainty.

Module 5 – Soultulaity

We will use the dictionary definition of the word ‘spirituality – to have an awareness of and a trust in a higher power’.

On The Panacea Program this higher power is simply your own soul, the aspect of you that is God-like and has the capacity to love unconditionally and achieve remarkable things.

You will learn…

  • How the Soul/Universe/Source/Creator is not separate from you that it’s omnipotent and omnipresent, it is you and you are it.
  • How this energy operates so you can finally end the cycle of ‘I asked, nothing happened, see I told you it has no time for the likes of me’.
  • How spirituality is not an endless cycle of doing; we are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings and its within simply being with what we are experiencing we begin to grow emotionally and soulfully in hours and days without complexity, resistance and information overload.
  • How access to your innate wisdom is always within your reach it’s not something we have to learn or develop.

The outcome of this module is you will begin to live free from thinking, overthinking and the paralysis of analysis, you will surrender every aspect of your being to the intelligence and intuition of soul, understanding that you are not in control, you never were, and you are never going to be – and you will be perfectly delighted with that.

Module 6 – Success and financial freedom

In this final module you will begin to understand that the life you are trying to create is not going to ever materialise when you are attempting to create it based on…

  • The Conditions of Worth that you have had imposed upon you and you are unconsciously imposing on others
  • Living by somebody else’s values.
  • Your validation depending on the opinions of other people.
  • The emotional maturity level your life existed on prior to The Panacea Program
  • Your belief that spirituality is metaphysics or something you must do and practice

The life you are striving towards with such vigour and hope will look nothing like the life you will want when you have explored the first five modules of The Panacea Program and you will also become aware of how what currently constitutes success will not resemble your new meaning of success within a framework of personal power, freedom, soultuality and authenticity – and when that new framework is in place success finds you with ease, simplicity and grace.


The Panacea Program

The Panacea Program is a beautiful, gentle, humorous, intelligent and addictive journey into self-exploration and the human condition and is accredited by CPD the official governing body for ‘The Continuation of Personal Development’.

Borrowing concepts from Transpersonal Psychotherapy and my own well-documented journey to permanent happiness and self-reliance each module is designed to resolve your emotional pain and soulful disconnect at a grassroots level

You Will Learn:

  • How the love and acceptance we needed as children had conditions attached and how we then take those conditions into adulthood and continue to impose them onto ourselves and others – together we will dispose of these toxic conditions.
  • How-to live-in accordance with your own values instead of those we are forced to adopt to belong and remain emotionally safe and acceptable
  • How to finally end your reliance on validation from external sources when it comes to every aspect of your life, from the job you choose to do to your physical appearance and what is considered ‘acceptable’ to self-express
  • How to become emotionally literate, learning to first accept, then manage, then eventually love the emotions we are raised to fear and avoid for the limitless value they hold
  • How to form a permanent soulful connection to The Universe, what this energy is, how it operates and how it does love you unconditionally – regardless of where you happen to find yourself currently on your so-called ‘self-esteem continuum’.
  • How to separate want from need, when you can do this, fear and powerlessness become a distant memory as the victim, we had no choice in becoming dies a quick and dignified death
  • How to be authentically and unapologetically you – the outcome will be success and abundance beyond what you dare to currently dream of as you begin to live the life that The Universe has mapped out for you instead of the one dictated by the wants, needs, values and expectations of other people.

How It Works

The six modules taken over six weeks will culminate in your understanding of what love is in the spiritual sense of the word, at the root of all your suffering is how nobody ever taught you what love is, but The Panacea Program will equip you with a new pair of lenses with which you can view the world and everyone in it with a sense of wonder, awe, excitement, possibilities and the ability to walk this path with the grace and dignity of an adult instead of the fears of a wounded and frightened child.

When we combine emotional literacy with the true meaning of spirituality it truly is a Panacea

The Final Outcome Of The Panacea Program Is …


  • You will welcome uncomfortable feelings as temporary visitors, aware that each have arrived looking for love, compassion and acceptance so they can move out of your energy field.
  • You will drop your story of suffering, choosing instead to live from soul and feeling instead of mind and thinking
  • You will have an acute awareness of your interconnectedness to all living things, enabling you to finally let go of fear-based judgements
  • You will be aware that you are the spirit in spirituality and that there is nothing you can ever do, try, buy, spend or attend in the hope of becoming ‘more spiritual’

The ultimate outcome is one of surrender, you will no longer attempt to control how things turn out as your new state of fearlessness will not allow you to…

  • Adjust any aspect of you to ensure other people are comfortable
  • Live in accordance with the wants, needs, values and expectations of others
  • Give anybody permission to hurt or offend you
  • Give your power away – ever

Program Delivery …


The six program modules are bespoke, tailored around you; your life, your current situation, experiences and frame of reference, each module is adapted to fit you – not the other way around.

Whether you chose to take the program via the self-study option or face to face via Zoom from anywhere in the world, you are in control of the level of support you need during the six week program, my only requirement is that the program is taken within the allocated six week time frame – as each module is very powerful and follows on from the previous one and often each module inter-connects.

So, an example of how the program is delivered might be that you don’t need me at all for module one; it resonated with you, you understood it and now you just want to delight in it, but you may require my support on three occasions in module three and eight occasions in module six.

Because of the unique tailoring of the program everybody is different, each with their own needs and levels of understanding, there is no right or wrong and no such thing as a daft question; indeed, it’s even been known for students to fly through the program without my support but they want to hop onto Zoom anyway just to chat with me about their progress, to tell me what’s changing for them and to share all their wonderful news, so it’s whatever works for you.

Although the slight downside to such specific tailoring is that I may not always be available right away (although sometimes I am!) and an appointment has to be made to schedule a Zoom session, but I always endeavour to arrange this within twenty-four hours.

Students on the self-study program can expect a response to their emails within the same time period.

Click here to contact me for an informal chat, to learn more or ask questions, I’m friendly, approachable and don’t do the ‘hard sell’ thing – Alternatively click here to enrol on the course, it can be taken via self-study with unlimited email support or via one-to-one over Zoom.

Both self-study and face to face tuition are accredited by ‘CPD’. The official governing body for Continued Personal Development.

The Panacea Program

The Panacea Program self-study course

8 modules studied over ten weeks

Program includes;

  • All course materials
  • Unlimited email support
  • Membership to closed Facebook Support Group for ongoing support

Enrol £497

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The Panacea Program, face to face via Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world.

8 modules studied over ten weeks

Program includes

  • All course materials
  • Ten one hour one to one sessions
  • Unlimited email support in between one to one sessions
  • Membership to closed Facebook group for ongoing support

Enrol £997

NB. This can be paid in two instalments, please contact Rebecca to arrange it.

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“Rebecca. Thank you for being the super duper nova, warrior women full of wondrous weirdness of awesomeness that you are! I feel INCREDIBLY honoured to know you and have you in my life. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart Rebecca for sharing your life, journey, openness, honesty, humour in the caring, inspiring, loving way you do, to lift and help others. Thank you!!!! xxx”

Lesley Parker, Nottingham UK

“Rebecca has been a great help to me. She is an absolutely lovely person, wise, kind and patient. She is also insightful, humorous and very supportive. What makes her special is that so much of what she talks about she has experienced herself. She is quite simply a treasure.”

Cornelius Cavendish, Berkshire

Via Zoom