Growing Painlessly

                                   “Everybody wants a magic solution to                                     their problems, the issue is, everybody                                     refuses to believe in magic”                                    ~Lewis Carol’ from...

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Have you got an old script running

Have you got an old script running that says your worth depends on your productivity? There’s been a common thread that has run throughout my previous career as a Psychotherapist and my current career as a teacher of Emotional Literacy – that of many of us living our...

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Freedom and the Fully-Felt Feeling.

Freedom to Feel -Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Illiteracy; Freedom and the Fully-Felt Feeling. We morph magically, painlessly and effortlessly into the kind of person we dream of becoming with every emotion we accept as natural, normal and inevitable. No time needs...

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A Panacea for Friendship

I’ve been witnessing a rather depressing picture emerging for the last year or two when I’ve been scrolling through social media; this growing divide between souls on both sides of the big pond since ‘Brexit’ and the election of the US president. It began with people...

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