Have you got an old script running that says your worth depends on your productivity?

There’s been a common thread that has run throughout my previous career as a Psychotherapist and my current career as a teacher of Emotional Literacy – that of many of us living our lives with an old, worn out internalised message from childhood that says that our worth is dependent on our productivity.

We drown in guilt at the thoughts of resting, even when we have the opportunity to do so.

The scrips we have running remain powerful not so much because of what was said but because of who said it…

As children we are desperate for the love and approval of our parents or primary caregivers, if they repeatedly told you…

  • You are lazy
  • That hard work and productivity are of value
  • Lazy people are slovenly, slobby and of no value

We internalise that message so powerfully in order to gain that love and approval we need to thrive and survive, so it literally is a case of…

“Yes, okay I agree with everything and I

                                 all of those things if it means you won’t disapprove

                                of me or caste me out”

…so not only do we internalise the script, we actually believe the script.

The energy signature here, the imprint that’s left behind is one of fear, so each time we need to rest the scrip reminds us of that fear, brings into to the forefront of your awareness, it feels dreadful – outcome, we don’t dare entertain the idea of resting, let alone taking time out of work.

Are you able to sit with that fear the moment it strikes?

Will you…?

  • Allow your shoulders to slump and let your tummy muscles out
  • Scan your body for the fear (it’ll be in your solar plexus)
  • Say hello to it
  • Allow the tears to fall

If you feel it the moment it’s in your awareness you will…

  • Notice the energy collecting from all around your solar plexus into a ball
  • The ball will begin to move
  • Up and up it goes, when it reaches your heart, your heart will ache, when it reaches your throat it will constrict
  • After 1-2 minutes the energy belonging to this trapped script will move out through your mouth; you will sigh or yawn.


It’s vitally important to your emotional health to press delete on this script because often what we perceive as complex, overwhelming, lengthy and even expensive – simply requires a nap.

…but instead we feel the emotion, freeze in fear, begin to panic, a brand-new internal dialogue starts about how dreadful we are feeling, the numbing narrative then begins to include a long list of all the when’s and what if’s…

  • When I’m prettier, thinner, richer I’ll be happier
  • If I wasn’t so depressed, scared, self-loathing I would be able to…

We connect with our Soul the moment we feel the emotion, Soul then says to your mind “sit down and shut the f*** up, I’m in charge now” and mind faint with relief replies “oh okay then!”.

Soul is aware that there is no such thing as an emotion that needs to be feared, healed, avoided or demonised.

Allow soul to move it out, we live in busy and stressful times, the power and value of a nap is immense but the powerlessness and lack of value in the creation of a new story of suffering to avoid a nap is keeping you stuck – and soulfully exhausted.