How Do I Help My Clients Get The Results They Want So Quickly ..?

And the answers to many other questions are here on this page  …

Many of my clients have come to me with deep and complex problems, and before working with me they have often tried many things …

So of course, with my promise of an end to your issues and instead a life of joy and freedom, it’s bound to raise some questions …

I’ve taken the questions I get asked most frequently and answered them on this page – If you still don’t find an answer to your question, I’d love you to get in touch with me – You can send me your questions here


I love anything to do with emotional intelligence but I’m wary of the soulful focus it’s nothing woo-woo is it?

Rebecca Says … “If there was anything woo-woo going on my program would not have been accredited by CPD, the official governing body for ‘Continued Personal Development’

When I speak of soul, I’m simply referring to that aspect of you that knows who’s on the phone before you’ve answered it, that vibe you get when you walk into an unfamiliar room, and that part of you that often says, ‘I have a good/bad feeling about this’. It’s your intuition and learning to trust it will put a permanent end to a reliance on experts and outside influences for advice and guidance, when this happens we stand in our own power, nothing can then hurt, offend or traumatise you, neither will it be possible for you to agree to do, say believe, think and feel anything you don’t wish to.

Aside from the issues stated on your website what else does your program help with?

Rebecca Says … “Addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, phobias, bereavement and the trauma directly attributed to narcissism and co-dependent relationships”

Your website has an address in Manchester, UK on it, I can’t travel that far every week

Rebecca Says … “I see my students via Skype or Zoom only, but you’re welcome to visit me as long as you bring your dog”

Will you define ‘emotional intelligence’ in a short paragraph?

Rebecca Says … “Certainly! The ultimate definition of EQ is when somebody hurts us and we attempt to understand them, and if possible, help them, instead of wanting to hurt them back”

Why will your program work for me when nothing else has?

Rebecca Says … “Because everything that’s currently available e.g. talking therapies, healing modalities etc place their focus on helping you to ‘feel better’ this reinforces the internalised messages you were raised with, these messages are the cause of your pain and unhappiness. I teach you that there is no ‘better’ because there is no ‘worse’ there are only emotions, each of them as harmless as the next, once we understand this and are willing to embrace it, we feel happy all the time, even when we are sad. My focus is on a permanent, life-long solution, not just a solution that addresses whatever is going on for you right now”

I am aware I need help, but I’ve put if off for years because I don’t want to tell anybody what happened to me, about the things I have experienced

Rebecca Says … “You don’t need to tell me for The Panacea Program to work for you, I am a teacher not a therapist so an example here would be, if I gave you a hammer and taught you how to use it, I can do that without needing to know what you intend to you the hammer for, I just need to know you need the pain to stop”

I love the sound of your program! However, I’m concerned about finding the time to study

Rebecca Says …

There’s nothing to study, you are the study. You will be provided with eight modules reading through each of them will take no longer than 5-10 minutes maximum, these modules are tools which we will then tailor around you during our time together online.

The time we spend face-to-face is controlled by you e.g. you may not need my support at all with module 1, but you may need three 10-minute sessions during module 5 and a one-hour block during module eight. Everybody has different needs and responds to the eight modules in a variety of ways, with the exception of the time spent together online which is designed to be interesting, informative and fun there is nothing to set time aside for”

Emotional growth and life transformation doesn’t have to be complex, lengthy – or distressing (no matter how seemingly impossible and surmountable our problems appear to be)