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“I can wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca’s work having experienced it. The Panacea Programme was a new concept to me, but I found that within a few weeks I was better able to cope with feelings of being very “low” and began to feel positive and in control once more. Rebecca helped me via Skype and telephone, ideal in that I didn’t have to travel. She was kindness itself and each week, accepting the principles she left easily enabled me to understand and embrace I quickly began to change for the better. The work is very powerful and difficult to sum up in a few words except to say that we are all able to experience happiness right now and attract better things for ourselves. It is all about quietening that inner voice within us that keeps us locked into the past. I will conclude by saying that I am still using the principles now, six months on and will always do so and am very grateful to Rebecca for her guidance which has been wonderful and a “life saver” as they say. All this came about without my having to relate to anyone “my story” or go through hours of counselling etc. A little trust and acceptance for the simple principles being given were enough. Thank you, Rebecca x,”


Paul Brady, Norden, Rochdale