Emotions, thoughts and words carry an energy signature, this is evident in the word ‘VIBE-ration’ we feel a vibe when we walk into a room or an inflection in a tone of voice, thoughts jolt us causing us to experience fear or panic when they seemingly come from nowhere.

Each evoke a vibrational response.

The energy belonging to every emotion you have never been allowed to express remains trapped inside our physical beings, depleting us of our Universal Life Force forcing us into an apathetic, depressive or despondent state repeatedly, often for decades.

When we experience depression in any form whether it’s simply just feeling a tad ‘meh’ today all the way to the polar extreme of suicidal ideation our first thought, which quickly turns to fear is that this state of being is permanent.

Our inner dialogue sounds something like this;

Oh, I won’t be able to go to work, I won’t get paid, my children and I will become homeless”.

The worst-case scenario is projected out into a scary future event of doom and gloom, so we began to scramble our thoughts around how we can feel better as soon as possible.

…but it’s interesting how we do this despite all the many times we have experienced this before while our worst fears have not been realised.

This clearly illustrates quite how deeply entrenched our fears of our difficult and uncomfortable emotions are and how specifically we fear these experiences may be permeant – we know they are not! Yet the fear has such a grip that even a thought that would take less than 3 seconds to assemble such as ‘I’ve felt like this hundreds of times before and I’m still here’ is impossible to articulate in that moment when all we can hear are the internalised messages from childhood that taught us that being sad will lead to depression which in turn qualifies us for a potential stay in the local mental health facility.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we must make the decision to bin these unhelpful scrips and begin to understand that our parents, or primary caregivers raised us with the only resources they had available to them – the cycle of emotional illiteracy runs from one generation to the next with devastating consequences.

It’s the irony of our fear of permanence that breaks my heart because within this state of fear we do prolong it when all along it may have been a temporary visitor, something old and trapped surfacing looking for love, acceptance and compassion so it can move out.

The simple truth is that nobody ever taught us to be okay with not being okay and because life is a bit of a bugger sometimes and suffering is an inevitable part of this journey we need to be okay with the fact that not everything is rosy in the garden all the time, when we begin to develop an understanding of emotions instead of putting them into boxes; ‘good/bad, right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable’ we simply emerge free, powerful and authentic.