Freedom to Feel – Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Illiteracy; Emotional Mastery.

Once you have become comfortable and accustomed to giving expression to your (now, previously) difficult emotions you will very quickly begin to experience the next stage of emotional mastery; that of welcoming all the emotions you would have formally regarded as terrifying and overwhelming.

It’s identical to being on a weight loss plan. You begin by feeling wretchedly sorry for yourself, you moan and complain to anybody who will listen about how much you want that slice of cake, you feel sulky, deprived, miserable and find yourself counting down the hours and minutes when it ends.


You lose six pounds in your first week and your perspective changes – dramatically!

Now you’re telling everyone how fantastic this weight loss plan is and how they should try it, you’re now looking forward to next week and even cut down on a few other naughty treats completely voluntarily, all of this is because there was a pay off in it for you, you got a result.

The exact same experiences emerge when you begin to simply be with what you are feeling.

You will very quickly grow into somebody you don’t recognise and are delighted with, you will find yourself, seemingly out of nowhere being able to;

  • Say no without feeling guilty
  • Stick up for yourself without being rude, aggressive, confrontational or hurting anybody’s feelings
  • You will believe in yourself and have faith in your own skills and abilities
  • Have access to your innate wisdom and intuition
  • Always trust yourself to do the right thing – dropping your dependence on ‘the expert’
  • Establish firm boundaries and stick to them
  • Act around facilitating changes, creating a life of joy, peace and success
  • Stand in your power -drop all the masks live authentically, unapologetic-ally

This of course means that the next time you wake in the morning aware that you are feeling deeply sad, angry, fearful or bitterly disappointed and you allow it without judgement a new and happier you will emerge each time and you will begin to actually welcome these emotions you would have previously wanted to desperately avoid and get rid of as quickly as possible – you will now be armed with the knowledge that the only way these emotions can be resolved is to acknowledge them and with every one you extend your love and compassion to, you simply grow in emotional maturity, dignity, tranquillity, spiritual interconnectedness and wisdom.