I’ve been witnessing a rather depressing picture emerging for the last year or two when I’ve been scrolling through social media; this growing divide between souls on both sides of the big pond since ‘Brexit’ and the election of the US president.

It began with people saying they had been ‘un-friended’ on FB following political disagreements but it’s more recently developed into people un-friending each other in real life, often involving those who have been friends or known each other for most of their lives.

In my video on my website homepage, I explain that when we display an emotion in childhood which is disapproved of so gets us a label of ‘bad boy or very naughty girl’ we don’t possess the capacity to understand that it’s the emotion that’s being disapproved of, so we internalise this to mean ‘I am’ a bad, naughty, unacceptable person.

We take these internalised messages into adulthood so when our friends disagree with us we assume they are saying that we are disagreeable, therefore unacceptable, we take their opinions personally without the ability to understand that they are simply that, an opinion.

Our need to be agreed with also stems from having our emotions invalidated in childhood, if people agree with us and validate our opinions then they are ‘on our side’ and back up our assertions that we must be right because being wrong brings with it feelings of shame and a fear of being unpopular.

The more I explore politics the clearer I see that the so-called opposing forces are two wings belonging to the same bird and the name of the game from cradle to grave is to ensure the continuation of the infantilization of the populace, because within this state of emotional illiteracy and spiritual disconnect we continue to both consume ‘stuff’ while simultaneously maintaining our reliance on ‘the expert’.

The economy, which is every politicians raison d’être is totally dependent on our remaining powerless while being kept in fear; if you scared your house will burn down buy insurance, if your greatest fear is wrinkles buy plastic surgery and any kind of misery can be chased away with shopping, vacations and a new car.

The emotional and soulful education we need to acquire to be able to deal with a dissenting opinion and save our relationships and friendships doesn’t require complexity, spending lots of money or long periods of time you can’t spare.

Everything I teach is fascinating, fun and beautifully simple because you are the study and I am the conduit which enables you to recall the wisdom and intuition you were born with before life took over and we learned of fear, pain, guilt, shame and isms.

I can return you to what I humorously refer to as ‘your factory settings’ with speed and ease, back to that place where your soul understands that your dear friend whose opinions differs from yours is still a friend and while we are squabbling about such trivialities as politics, after all no politician is responsible for your life, finances and happiness, you are missing out on the many beautiful attributes of your friend which your pain of being disagreed with is sadly blinding you to.