Are you…?

  • Exhausted with processing and working on yourself
  • Wondering when you finally be healed
  • Sick and tired of hearing about the f***ing onion and it’s ‘layers’
  • Afraid that if one more person says – “you can’t do, say, laugh at that, it’s not spiritual!” – you will knock them out.

Do the keywords you Google when searching for help include some of the following…?

  • Overcome depression
  • Recover from trauma
  • Gain more self-confidence/assertiveness
  • Find success and financial freedom

If you have not yet found a permanent solution it’s because we can’t find what we are searching for when we are unaware of what we are searching for to begin with, these issues are not the cause of your pain and unhappiness, they are just the symptoms.

The cause is the lack of emotional and soulful literacy we are all raised with – and what we are really searching for – even if we are not aware of it, is – FREEDOM.

FREEDOM to be unapologetically authentic in every area of our lives.

When the freedom that is vital to our health, wealth and happiness is lacking suffering is the only inevitable outcome and we begin to believe that we have mountains of issues that we must ‘process’ one at a time, but we don’t have mountains of issues – we only have one issue, that of fear.

…but fear is an emotion that needs to be understood – not an illness that needs to be healed.

What is emotional and soulful literacy?

It’s simply the ability to respond to all our emotions fearlessly – without the need to change or adapt any of them for something ‘better’ – whilst simultaneously trusting your own innate intuition, allowing it to guide you to do, say, feel, think and believe what is best for you, what you want and need, instead of basing your thoughts, feelings and actions on fear of what other people may say, do or expect of you.

My signature course The Panacea Program offers an intelligent, refreshing and unique approach to emotional and soulful growth; enabling you to reclaim your personal power and live a life filled with the success, joy and peace you are seeking and deserve.

Why do I need to be emotionally and soulfully literate?

The author Rumor Godden said;

“This being human is a house of four rooms; an emotional, a physical, a spiritual and a mental, and unless we enter each room, each day, if only to keep it aired, we are not complete”.
Incompleteness – an inherent feeling that something is always missing – is inevitable when don’t enter the emotional and soulful rooms.

We are taught from an early age to solely inhabit the mental and physical – encouraged to strive for intellectual superiority and physical perfection.
…but we don’t enter the emotional and the spiritual simply because we are raised not to go there…


The sum of our emotional education consists of nothing more than “happy emotions should be embraced and aimed for at all times, unhappy ones are to be feared and avoided”.

While our soulful education, if it ever existed at all, was a vague mumble about psychic hocus-pocus or it had religious connotations.

Soul is simply the essence, spirit of what and who we are and at its core it craves freedom from…

  • Familial norms
  • Societal pressures
  • Conformist views and opinions
  • Falsehoods
  • The suffocating constraints we are forced to adopt in every area of our lives to remain safe from criticism, judgement and rejection.
  • Nitwits

…but we are taught, nay encouraged, to ignore it, completely.

“It’s understandable why you believe  you have many insurmountable issues that must be processed one at a time, but you don’t have many issues – you only have one issue, that of fear.

…but fear is an emotion which needs to be understood – not an illness that needs to be healed.”

The inevitable outcome is that we live in a prison constructed of four walls made up of;

  • Internalised childhood messages
  • A reliance on external influences
  • Unresolved emotional pain
  • A disconnection from our essence

This prison has four guards;

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Authority figures
  • Experts

…and we depend on them for;

  • Love
  • Validation
  • Acceptance
  • Approval
  • Answers and solutions
  • Guidance

The prison governor is ‘Mind’ – a rather magnificent instrument if you are completing a word puzzle or you want to teach algebra – but when it comes to emotions and soul it’s not got a clue because it possesses neither the qualifications, the wisdom or the authority to come up with the answers and solutions you seek.

Mind dispenses all it’s advice and guidance based on the past, because that’s it’s only frame of reference so the best it’s going to offer is;

  • Another chat with a friend
  • Eat some more food
  • Have another drink/cigarette
  • An appointment with yet another expert
  • A Google search for more information overload
  • Shopping trip
  • ‘Healing’ courtesy of a physic or complimentary therapist
  • (fill in the blank) avoidance technique
  • (fill in the blank) excuse to ignore the wisdom of your own soul

Just like a real prison deprives us of our freedom, the prison we live in when we live from mind also cuts us off from freedom, we have no access to;

  • Emotions
  • Wisdom
  • Intuition
  • The inbuilt GPS system we are all born with
  • Core/essence of self
  • Truth/authenticity

Over time we learn to hate our prison, but it’s comforting and safe in its familiarity, so we learn to adapt, we remain deeply unhappy – reaching forty and able to count moments of genuine joy on one hand.

but we cope.

Life isn’t something we are just supposed to struggle through


…but life isn’t something we are just supposed to struggle through and cope with if it was there would be no explorers, reformers, pioneers, storytellers, peace-makers, wisdom keepers and people so damned interesting we buy their biographies and nosey into their lives on the Internet.

I don’t know why some of us shake off this mortal coil taking all the pain they have lived with all their lives to their graves and some of us are destined to wake up and live but if I had to hazard a guess I would say it’s because those who are courageous enough to show up in the movie of their own lives are the people who inspire others to do the same and there’s no greater legacy than that

The Panacea Program is fundamentally different from anything you might have tried to date because together we are going to do the one thing it doesn’t ever occur to us to do on our journey to completeness – feel.

We are going to give expression to that which we normally attempt to heal, avoid and fear, because you have been raised on a big, fat lie about your uncomfortable emotions and an even bigger and fatter lie about what might happen if you express them authentically and in accordance with our own inherent wisdom.

You are going to learn to respond to them with the love, acceptance and compassion they seek when they surface – the outcome will be fearlessness – you will stand resolutely in your own personal power, indestructible, un-offendable and FREE.


“For me this is huge, where can I start? I am not sure that my words can ever truly describe the rushes of love and peace I can summon almost at will now.  I’ve had what seemed like a lifetime of torment full of broken relationships and constantly running from myself, trying to fill what seemed like a vast empty hole with alcohol, drugs or anything just to escape from my mind. I hit my wall and asked for help and it came, how did this happen, well I can only say it was Divine help truly Divine. The place I am in now is a wise and beautiful place to be, I can smile at the unhealthy aspect of my ego as it tries to work its way in to any thoughts now, and due to that awareness, it is the end to my suffering, I never ever could have imagined that I could be in this space. Peace and love to you.”

Christopher Wood, Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester

“As I listened to Rebecca talking I felt her pure energy and love as she spoke from the heart with passion in a down to earth way describing everything using simple words backed up with examples  that everyone could easily relate to. At the same time my body felt relaxed and my mind and spirit nourished. It was refreshing and inspiring to hear that Rebecca has created a unique formula from her own life seeking experiences and has managed to put this into a workable and realistic programme. Thank you Rebecca for your honesty, sincerity and last but not least great sense of humour!”

Irene, Sotogrande Spain