A call out to world-weary spiritual warriors -the world needs you to step up, now!

Your job is to do my job and teach of love.

…but this can’t be achieved while we believe that metaphysics and spirituality are the same thing, they’re not.

The dictionary definition of the word ‘spirituality’ is; ‘To have a belief and trust in a higher power’.

Meanwhile metaphysics is all things relating to psychic ability, astrology and the paranormal.

The former teaches of love – love is the panacea for every and any problem in existence.

The latter teaches us to foster an ongoing dependence with external influences, the more we do this, the more entrenched our self-loathing becomes, self-loathing isn’t love.

 With every healing session we attend to temporarily alleviate an uncomfortable emotion we are unwittingly saying ‘I hate myself’ I am not acceptable to myself within this state of deep sorrow, fear, pain, rage or shame, it has to change for me to be acceptable’.

The higher power within spirituality would agree that you are loveable, worthy and acceptable while experiencing all those emotions, and it’s within surrendering to that fact that your emotional pain and soulful disconnect will emerge effortlessly without any input from you.

 When we remain convinced something or somebody external to us has all the answers and solutions, we will never be truly connected to our own wisdom and innate intuition, that ‘higher power’, personal power is on the other side of finally ending our reliance on external influences and beginning to trust ourselves to always do the right thing.

It’s my belief, and one I am certain you share, that there has never been a time in our history when we need spirituality more than now, a time when we need to swap consumerism for community, division for unity and love for hate.

Divorce rates in the so-called developed world have never been higher, nor has the prescribing of anti-depressants, we are seeing war, poverty and displaced souls on an unprecedented level and every one of these issues can be solved when we embrace spirituality, but while we are confusing the topic with metaphysics while vehemently arguing that spirituality and metaphysics are the same thing the suffering we came to this earth plain to alleviate will continue to rage.

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