“No problem was ever solved using the same consciousness we used to create the problem in the first place” ~ Albert Einstein~

When it comes to the topic of simplicity, we are resistant in the extreme and the self-help industry’s awareness of this ensures we are kept in a perpetual state of information-overload, while spending money.

Raised with such pearls of wisdom such as ‘Anything we want has to be strived and fought for’ and no pain, no gain’.

We are already resigned to our fate of mediocrity and ‘knowing our place’ by the time we are in early adolescence.

The beliefs we hold around having a happy, abundant life full of love, peace and joy become ‘other’ something we struggle to relate to ourselves and our own lives, and so from all of this we learn to complicate that which was never complex but even more astonishingly we learn to welcome this complexity as it provides us with endless excuses when it comes to making changes, trying something new or even trying anything at all.

Soul, Universe, Divine however, loves and adores simplicity, it’s aware that the emotions we fear and avoid hold endless treasure and that the fears we project if we are to go ahead and become the kind of person we dream of becoming with the kind of life we want isn’t going to happen.

Therefore, Soul speaks simply in very, very few words which are usually limited to;

  • Just rest
  • I love you
  • Trust me
  • I’ve got this

…but in the absence of an emotional and spiritual education these words are meaningless and about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

With said education however they hold vast, unlimited power.

Cultivating a relationship with this energy allows us to reframe these four statements, let’s explore them…

Just rest

You can’t you have your job to go to and a family to provide for – soul knows they will be provided for it you; ‘just rest’

I love you

It truly does love you, unconditionally, it’s only your inability to love yourself that’s stopping you from knowing and feeling this love, I can teach you how to love yourself with an ease and speed that will astonish you!

Trust Me

You can trust it, implicitly, in fact you can surrender every aspect of your existence to it’s will because you are in control of nothing, you never were and you’re never going to be, fighting this fact is futile.

I’ve Got This

It sure has, whatever is going on for you does not require your input or participation, Soul, Universe, Divine has had the matter sorted out and dealt with since before the issue arose and Soul is quite willing, thrilled and capable to be dealing with it, its Soul job and learning how to trust it and to allow it to get on with it, contains that same simplicity.

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