Overcome the obstacles keeping you stuck in low self-worth and finally learn to love yourself as you are: Free 5 Step Video Challenge

Are you experiencing a lack of self-worth? Do you struggle to believe in yourself? Have you been on the “self-help not-so-merry-go-round” for what seems like a lifetime?

You want change with all of your heart and soul, but you’re scared because you know intuitively those changes are going to lead to some difficult choices.

I’m a big believer that the self-help industry is just a money-making racket designed to keep people coming back again and again.

Increasing your self-worth doesn’t have to be a difficult, complicated, or even a painful process. Once we realise the reasons behind our suffering, once it’s explained in plain English, we realise that we really can overcome it.

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In this video challenge we’ll cover:

  • How we perceive ourselves as unacceptable while we’re experiencing difficult emotions – and how to overcome it effortlessly.
  • How the fear of being judged, criticized, or being another mental health statistic if we express what comes naturally, is typical of the absolute shit that our parents and society teach us.
  • Why depending on your mind for the answer to end your pain is as pointless as phoning your accountant for a haircut – it’s not your mind’s job it’s your soul’s job.
  • How not being allowed to feel or express what comes naturally to us causes us to see the world through the eyes of a frightened child.
  • How our perception of our uncomfortable feelings can change instantly when we begin to understand that we’ve been sold a big fat lie about them.

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