Why Spirituality?

The question I get asked most frequently is; “If Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the magic bullet, the game-changer you say it is, why do you include spirituality”? The answer can be summed in this quote by Rumer Godden “This being human is a house of four rooms, a...

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Why am I not healed yet?

This is the question we often ask ourselves during those rare, yet excruciating moments when we are so despairing and exhausted that we are left with little choice but to take a long, hard, honest look at ourselves. You’ve bought all the self-help books, attended...

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The Art of Self-Aggrandizement

If you have been on a healing journey for any length of time you will be aware by now that every issue we have has its roots in our inability to perceive ourselves as loveable. In todays blog I explain the simple origins of this pernicious malady so you can then...

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What is Spirituality?

A call out to world-weary spiritual warriors -the world needs you to step up, now! Your job is to do my job and teach of love. …but this can’t be achieved while we believe that metaphysics and spirituality are the same thing, they’re not. The dictionary definition of...

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Freedom and the Fully-Felt Feeling

What kind of person do you want to be (tick as many as you like) Super confidentAble to establish boundaries and stick to themAble to say no, without feeling bad or guiltyHave faith in yourself and your skills and abilitiesTo be more authentic, not to have to wear...

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A Panacea for one Less Excuse

I understand how leaden your heart feels and how fuzzed up with information overload your head feels. I also know what you dream of and that, that dream feels so unattainable right now. My own lived experiences mean I am aware of how impossible it often feels to get...

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Soul – An Entity of Very Few Words

“No problem was ever solved using the same consciousness we used to create the problem in the first place” ~ Albert Einstein~ When it comes to the topic of simplicity, we are resistant in the extreme and the self-help industry’s awareness of this ensures we are kept...

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A Panacea for Friendship

I’ve been witnessing a rather depressing picture emerging for the last year or two when I’ve been scrolling through social media; this growing divide between souls on both sides of the big pond since ‘Brexit’ and the election of the US president. It began with people...

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Cultivating a relationship with Soul

“I once met six honest, serving men, their names were; what and why and when, and how and where and who” ~Rudyard Kipling~ What is soul? It’s simply your innate wisdom and intuition, your ‘gut feeling’ built in GPS system and storage space for the unconditional...

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Our search for Freedom

I’ve been a spiritual teacher for a long time, prior I was a seeker myself, always looking for the next healer, guru, therapist or psychic that was going to fix me once and for all, so I’m aware of all the Google search engine entries; How to overcome low self-esteem...

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'The Freedom To Feel'

A Beautiful And Unique Insight To Your Unconscious Barriers To Emotional & Soulful Freedom - And How To Break Them Down

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