The questions we frequently ask ourselves when we are at our lowest point are, how can I…?

 Learn to love myself, and feel worthy

 Trust that The Universe has got my back

Find the courage to seek out better relationships

Stop the fear that’s preventing me from taking the leap into the freedom of self-employment

The brief answer is, you can’t while you are asking Mind to come up with the answers.

Mind hasn’t got the answers because it’s not it’s job to have them, it’s Soul’s job.

Nobody would argue that Mind isn’t a magnificent instrument, yet for all it’s wonder and the bountiful gifts it brings to the world it doesn’t possess neither the qualifications, the wisdom or the authority to guide you towards a life of freedom, fearlessness and grace.

The evidence for this can be found in our states of ‘paralysis of analysis’ when a question such as ‘why do I feel so low today?’ then becomes a heart to heart with a friend that lasts three weeks while together you search mind for a solution it’s not got.

Having shared your story with a friend, chances are you are going to feel better, but The Universe has guided you to this website because you are experiencing an awareness that your brief windows of ‘feeling better’ are always temporary.

Asking Soul ‘why do I feel so low today’ brings permanent relief from your emotional pain.

Soul’s reply is going to be one of the following

  • What’s wrong with low?
  • Because it’s natural/normal
  • It’s just something old and trapped surfacing looking for love so it can move out
  • Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired?
  • Just be with it
  • Be kind to yourself
  • I love you when you are low, in the same way I love you all the rest of the time
  • Because you are disappointed, and nobody ever taught you how to be disappointed
  • ‘So’ low, does it need measuring, quantifying and labelling, can it just be ‘low’?

We long to know why we are feeling as we do so that we can then start looking for a solution, but Soul is aware that a solution doesn’t need to be found because Soul also knows that none of the things you fear if you allow the release of it through feeling it is going to happen, you are not;

  • On the road to becoming a mental health statistic
  • Going to be judged or criticised
  • Be rejected and abandoned
  • Lose your job
  • Experiencing a state of permanence.
  • …but if you continue to ask Mind for the answers all of the above will happen and the chances are if you are typical of most of my students it will, at some point in your life, have already happened, let’s not repeat it.

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