“We are all looking for a magic solution to our problems, but nobody is willing to believe in magic”

~Lewis Carroll~ from Alice in Wonderland

Our hope of the existence of a magic bullet on our spiritual, healing journey is quite understandable, after all we live our lives in a perpetual state of exhaustion and information overload.

I believe there’s also an aspect of us that feels deserving of a magic bullet, and quite right too! We are the people who are at least trying to resolve our emotional pain, something that takes a great deal of personal courage – it’s not for the faint hearted.

…but a magic bullet does exist, and its name is ‘emotional literacy’.

It’s not just magic because it has every answer and solution you are searching for, it’s magic because it doesn’t have to be learned, no time needs to be found in your hectic schedule to access it, there’s nothing to do, no journaling, rituals, practices or anything else which requires you to physically do something.

The ultimate definition of emotional literacy is when somebody hurts us, and instead of trying to hurt them back, we try to understand where they are coming from and if possible, help them.

Now this isn’t to be confused with allowing people to take the proverbial, some souls can’t and won’t be helped, the solution with these types of people is to first try, then if we don’t succeed send them packing with love.

The reason we don’t have to do anything to acquire emotional literacy, including learn it, is because Soul already possesses it in spectacular quantities.

If you are reading this you are alive and if you are alive you have a soul, that soul is aware that;

  • There is no such thing as an emotion that needs to be feared, healed, hated or avoided
  • That it’s safe to give love, compassion, expression and acceptance to all your emotions without your worst fears being realised

It’s Mind and thinking that decides if you go with what you are feeling you will end up rejected, abandoned, labelled, criticised, judged, poor and homeless.

Mind makes its decisions on the past and the messages we have internalised to remain emotionally safe and acceptable to others, so it has nothing else to base said decisions on.

…Soul on the other hand possesses wisdom and emotional intelligence beyond our wildest imagination and that wisdom pours forth from our hearts and mouths naturally and effortlessly when it finally starts hurting enough to believe in magic.

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