“I once met six honest, serving men, their names were; what and why and when, and how and where and who” ~Rudyard Kipling~

What is soul?

It’s simply your innate wisdom and intuition, your ‘gut feeling’ built in GPS system and storage space for the unconditional meaning of love in a spiritual sense.

Why do I need to cultivate a relationship with it?

Because without this relationship you will only ever be half alive, unable to love yourself and trust yourself to always do the right thing, this will result in the cycle of dependence on external influences for advice, guidance and love to continue.

When will I know Soul?

When you begin to understand that at the root of all your suffering is your inability to love yourself because you were taught not to, in fact you were taught to do just the opposite in order to survive.

How do I even begin to cultivate this relationship?

You don’t. It happens naturally and effortlessly all by itself without your input when you begin to learn that the emotions you have been raised to fear and avoid have value, are nothing to fear and everything to celebrate.

Where is Soul right now, in my present experience of disconnect?

It’s wherever you are, because it is you, it’s omnipresent and omnipotent, the aspect of you that is God-like capable of compassion, unconditional love, selflessness and humility.

Who will I be when I begin to cultivate this relationship?

Somebody stood firmly in your own power, fearless, guided by your own wisdom, walking to the beat of your own drum, confident, self-loving and living free of the opinions, advice and good intentions of others.

You may name it what you want and visualise it as whatever resonates with you and enables you to easily believe in its existence.

I have students who have suffered as a consequence of being raised within a deeply religious family so it makes it easier for them to visualise this magnificent, creative, intelligent and loving energy as an object such as a football or a mass of swirling energy around their own heart, it can be any gender you choose or without gender, you may name it whatever you like as long as you go with the first word that pops up for you and if this is God, Universe, Soul, Creator, Source, Gladys or Fred then go with that.

It’s a very, very personal thing this relationship, it’s also not dependent on anything such as conforming to a spiritual stereotype or any form of physical doing such as meditation, visualisation, affirmations or any rituals which require doing, we are human Be-ings not human Do-ings, the purpose of this endeavour is to simply learn to be with whatever we are feeling or experiencing, to stop all the fight, the need to control, to know the outcome and to perceive love as attachment, possession, romance or dependence.

…anything goes although it’s probably not a healthy bet to visualise this energy as an angry old man with a long, white beard sat on a cloud reigning down vengeance and judgment on his own creations, who by the way he/she/it loves unconditionally.

It really is no wonder that they say ‘Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell and spirituality is for those who have been there”.

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