About Me

“Hello beautiful soul over-brimming with limitless potential you have yet to discover and believe in but worry not – I’ve got a panacea for that”

I’m Rebecca D’Amato, Emotional Painkiller, teacher of soulful literacy, obsessive list-compiler, expert gym avoider and collector of unwanted animals

…and I know you want to know;

  1. Will I understand?
  2. Can I help you in a way that is tangible, meaningful and hopefully, permanent?

The answer to both is a resounding yes


I’ll Understand

I’ll understand because the upside of having a miserable, wretched childhood with emotionally juvenile parents and way too much responsibility has gifted me with a vast, colourful and diverse array of life experiences that have taught me that everybody has a story to tell and that without the type of people we are taught to look down upon I wouldn’t have survived my childhood without their kindness -when you are unloved and unwanted you really don’t mind where the warmth, safety, attention and love your crave comes from – the lesson has placed me in good stead.


A Permanent Solution

A permanent solution to your unresolved pain and soulful disconnect lies at the heart of my signature program – because I understand the frustration, disappointment and exhaustion that comes with the temporary experience of renting relief via self-help books, talking therapies, New Age healing modalities and throwing the contents of your kitchen cupboard at your significant other

My Journey

At the start of my own journey back to my ‘factory settings’ I felt like I was stood naked, in sub-zero temperatures at the foot of the worlds tallest mountain and somebody saying to me “off you go, no rope, no tools, climb to the top”.

Getting from where I was to where I wanted to be felt that impossible, I was your stereotypical doormat, unable to say no and I thought a personal boundary was a fence around my house.

Because the dynamic in my family growing up was the wrong way around – I was the parent to my parents and they were the children, I inevitably emerged into adulthood the archetypal rescuer, attracting needy partners and friends who were never looking for love and friendship, they were looking for help and a mother figure

“…but on a freezing day in January 2001 I just couldn’t do it anymore ‘it’ was living with depression 98% of the time, believing it was my job to prop people up financially, emotionally and spiritually while simultaneously any self-confidence I exuded was bravado, I was afraid of everything, I was afraid of life, I wore ten masks before lunchtime, convinced that everyone loathed me because I loathed me”

My journey began as a client in Person-Centred therapy, I later went on to study the model myself, eventually qualifying as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner.

…but I took a detour for many years down the New Age rabbit hole of great expense and even greater exhaustion where any semblance of genuine confidence was stripped from me as I learned to give my power away to a vast array of healers and psychics who colluded with me to reinforce my belief that my miserable emotions needed to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

The Path To Where I Am Now

The path to where I am now began when I found myself at a rather alarming crossroads in my life; I had an awareness that I couldn’t continue with New Ageism – results were always fleeting at best, and I’d tried everything else – if it’s out there and exists to assuage misery and pain then I’d tried it and tried it again.

So I did nothing, nothing whatsoever – the outcome was that I became the recipient of a miracle I didn’t yet feel worthy of, I began to grow in emotional maturity and soulful awareness, and the growth was fast, so fast that it wasn’t unusual to wake in the morning as one person then retire to bed that same night as somebody completely different


My venture into nothingness comprised of copious amounts of sobbing and soggy tissues – of course my reaction, initially, was to find an avoidance technique but eventually I was simply too heartbroken and exhausted to do even that, so I allowed my emotions to surface and quicker than I can say ‘Bonnie Langford makes my teeth itch’ I noticed a pattern emerging.

I experienced a sense of peace, calm and serenity I had never felt before, this was quickly followed by fearlessness, an awareness that here and now is all there is and that spiritual is a oneness between me and my soul – not recycling my sandals and pretending to like tofu – but a real, deeply abiding and unconditionally loving relationship that culminated in self-belief, the ability to love myself and a brand new pair of lenses with which to view the world.

That world was suddenly a magical place, full of limitless possibilities as I began, using the innate wisdom I had learned to trust, to view the world as a woman stood in my own power, yet unafraid to be vulnerable


“The Panacea Program was born when I combined everything I had learned on my journey”


 The Panacea Program was born when I combined everything I had learned on my journey to nothingness with my knowledge of Transactional Analysis and the Human Condition, because all of our suffering has it’s roots in the emotional and soulful education our parents were unable to give to us, because they knew no better and raised us with the only resources they had available to them.

Prior to teaching the Panacea Program I was employed in the public sector working with the homeless, addicted and unloved, I have also previously fostered teenagers and completed eight years of clinical practice in psychotherapy where my specialisms included treating adult survivors of narcissism and co-dependent relationships.  Going even further back, before it all started to hurt enough to journey inward, I owned a beauty salon for many years.

Among my most loved influencers during my journey into nothingness are; Osho, Ganganji, Anne Lamont, Iyanla Vanzant and Caroline Myss, all of whom I owe a great deal of gratitude for teaching me that every word they say and write means nothing until we are willing to journey to nothingness

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