I understand how leaden your heart feels and how fuzzed up with information overload your head feels.

I also know what you dream of and that, that dream feels so unattainable right now.

My own lived experiences mean I am aware of how impossible it often feels to get to where you want to be from where you currently are.

At the start of my spiritual journey I felt like I was stood naked at the foot of the world’s highest mountain in sub-zero temperatures and somebody had come along and said to me “off you go, no ropes, no tools, climb to the top”.

It was little wonder that I embraced all things New Age with such enthusiasm, it offered me the belief that I was taking action, it felt like I was very much involved in my own recovery from shame, fear and worthlessness but almost two decades in I had no choice but to surrender to the wisdom of Caroline Myss when she says;

“The New Age healing journey has become middle aged, and quite frankly, it needs retiring, people are exhausted with the journey”.

I was exhausted to my core, it was a soulful exhaustion that no amount of sleep would assuage, it was an exhaustion underpinned by the pain and disappointment I felt when I had to admit that learning to assemble an obsidian grid and read the tarot was no substitute for facing my unresolved pain and spiritual disconnect both of which haunted my sleepless nights and were as raw and painful as ever.

Yet I continued to procrastinate when it came to do something that would transform my life and bring about the much-needed changes and adjustments I needed so desperately to make, I told myself I didn’t have the time or the energy.

The Panacea Program is different to anything else which exists because no time or effort need be found, none, nada, zilch, nothing at all.

I’m not going to talk to you, you see? I’m not going to teach the exhausted you anything.

Instead I am going to talk directly to your soul which in this moment is alive with exuberance, joy and a blissful lust for life, your soul that’s over brimming with energy.

I am going to remind you of everything you was born aware of, but forgot when life took over, I’ll reawaken and reaffirm that sense of knowing with you, the type you experience when you can’t figure out why or how you know something, but you do, and you then dismiss it because you can’t trust it, I’ll teach you how to trust it.

I will reawaken you to the limitless reserves of wisdom you were born with and do it with such speed it will astonish you.

The life you dream of and the person you want to be will unfold effortlessly, magically with grace and ease and everything you learn will become a resource for life, applicable to every issue, problem or dilemma that crops up for you going forward, I’m simply going to remind you for who you were before somebody told you who you had to become.

'The Freedom To Feel'

A Beautiful And Unique Insight To Your Unconscious Barriers To Emotional & Soulful Freedom - And How To Break Them Down

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